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According to ISO 9166 and Internet reality Great Britain's toplevel domain should be _gb_.Instead, Great Britain and Nortern Ireland (the United Kingdom) use the toplevel domain _uk_. Once upon a time there was a DOS user who saw Unix, and saw that it was good.So be not afraid of bugs, but go out in the streets and deliver this message of joy to the masses. But even the skeptics agree that it is an interesting turn of events.I forgot to mention an important fact in the 1.3.67 announcement. - Apply the patch included in this mail - Call your system "Super-67", and don't forget to unapply the patch before you later applying the official 1.3.68 patch. Others bring up other issues with the new version - "I'm especially intrigued by the fact that the new version is female, and look forward to seeing what the impact of that will be on future development. Davis: Some files at are stamped on 10 January 1998. Craig Sanders: That just proves how advanced debian is, doesn't it :-) * In anticipation of 2.10.02 release, updated to patchlevel ircu2.10.01 .config6-7.config7-8.lgline3limit.glibc.motdcache2.trace.whois1-2.config8-9.statsw.sprintf2-3.msgtree2.memleak1-2 .msgtree2-3.gline8-9.gline9-10.invite2stats.numclients.whisper.whisper1-2.stats1-2.nokick1-2.chroot.config9-11.snomask7-8t1-3.userip1-3.userip3-4.config11-12.config12-13.umode2-3.akillsbt.who4-5kn1-2.freebsdcore2.msgtree3-5.y2k.glibc1-2.lags2.who5-6.nickchange2.glibc2-3.modeless3 Does biff in bo work coz it biffin doesn't beep an if biff in bo is broke then biff in bo I will delete I've tried biff in bo with 'y' I've tried biff in bo with '-y' no biffin output does it show so poor wee biff is gonna go.

Hold the conference in France: you can drink alcohol publicly, even near a school, you can piss on the street, you can argue with cops, you can teach Darwin's theory of evolution and you can have sex in public places.Waving away a cloud of smoke, I look up, and am blinded by a bright, white light. No, not Richard Stallman, or Linus Torvalds, but God. I guess we'll have to use something other than TCP * to talk to the University of Mars.* PAWS allows us longer timeouts and large windows, so once implemented * ftp to mars will work nicely.Another thing to be proud of: ten years ago Tanenbaum invented Minix, a little operating system good for teaching purposes. "But the Minix code already was 250 pages, and I wanted to keep things simple for those poor students. " : P Can someone please investigate if some of those maintainers, whose names sounds more and more familar to me after reading them every week in the release-critical bug list were secretly hired by Red Hat, Su SE or more likely Microsoft to slow down our release cycles? The problem with the GNU coding standards is they ASSUME that everyone in the world uses Emacs.Then Linus Torvalds designed Linux on the base of Minix. If that were the case, free software would die because we would all have wrist problems like RMS by now and no longer be able to code. Since I needed APM to work, I recompiled the kernel source that they supplied. There was no way in hell I could duplicate the kernel that they supplied, with the sources that they supplied.

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