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How ironic that Google’s corporate motto is ‘don’t be evil’.This week, the internet giant has made headlines, not for its refusal to block porn, but for tax avoidance.The report called on the Department for Education to ensure that all schools provide relationship and sex education. Google should not enable users to find such disturbing material.It’s worrying enough that it’s desensitising young boys and girls.I had typed the words ‘little girls in glasses’ into Google and clicked through the images which popped up.

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Before they know it, they become addicted and they are seeking the kind of websites that Hazell sought before he murdered Tia.

J., in which he takes shots at Drake's […] Taylor Swift has reportedly fallen out with her backing dancer Kim ' Toshi' Davidson for allegedly posting sexist memes on social media.

Pictures of a sweet youngster with pigtails and round spectacles dance across my office computer screen.

He tricks his way into her home and within minutes is violating her, before forcing her to perform a sex act on him.

Then he rapes her, in every possible position, all captured in close-up.

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