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When I went to the doctor for a sore throat I found out that I had strep throat, so I ask her whether my last two HIV test enough to say that I was HIV negative and she said yes.I am also having tingling in certain parts of my body but I think it is due to my high level of anxiety or my mild case of epilepy.But on the other hand PCR DNA tests are best used from 28 days on, but as early as 2 weeks, b/c these levels will not become none detectable over time. By 6-8 weeks, a negative standard test is at least 95% and perhaps 99% reliable.It is very rare for someone to take 3 months to become positive.To reach the HIV Hotline, call 1-800-235-2331 Most people will test accurately for HIV after 6 weeks have passed since their last risk. Seriously, look to medical professionals that specialize in HIV testing (like national aids hotline, and others) if you want an acurate picture of what you can expect from the portfolio of modern HIV tests. That's like waiting for history books to be written to find out yesterday's news.I just went to another gyn about other reasons than HIV, and I asked her a question at the end in regards to my HIV testing. (212) 807-6016] People With AIDS Coalition Hotline: 212-647-1420 (Staffed by HIV people) North Carolina 800-342-AIDS North Dakota 800-472-2180 -- Nationwide: 701-224-2376 Ohio 800-332-AIDS -- TTY/TDD: 800-332-3889 Oklahoma 800-535-AIDS Oregon 503-223-AIDS -- Within Area codes 503, 206 and 208: 800-777-2437 Pennsylvania 800-662-6080 -- Critical Path AIDS Project Hotline: 215-545-2212 -- 215-463- 7160 (publications orders) Puerto Rico 800-981-5721 -- Linea de Infor SIDA y Enferm I dont think Cancer patients do 1/10th the research that those who are HIV testing do.

Because I was getting tested at a walk-in urgent care center, the doctor didn’t review my medical history/go over my testing/ask me about the exposures, etc. I'm a heterosexual male that had contact with about 20 high class CSWs (expensives) in the last 8 years (about 2 or 3 per year) ever use a condom for vaginal and oral sex (except two occasions that they performed on me unprotected fellatio), no cunnilingus, always had been very carefully with the use of those condoms (running under water etc) never broken or slip off, I think my overall risk was very low near to zero, called to my HIV hotline that said me if I used the condoms every time and fr //gov/hiv/topics/testing/resources/qa/be_tested.htm#wait But RNA (viral loads) can become not detectable in some (meaning not many) cases when the body finally fights back.

In: Krug E, Dahlberg LL, Mercy JA, Zwi AB, Lozano R, eds. Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization; 2002:1–56.

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A slutty tranny came up to me and we ended up ******* on the roof of the club. Now I have called the HIV hotline, posted on HIV forum, and called doctors. For some freaking reason I can't seem to absorb these facts....

Looking at your posting history, I see that you've been to the HIV Prevention Forum a couple of times as well as the HIV Anxiety Forum. One question I have is why you didn't call the police?

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