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I like Stefan Salvatore because of how complex his character is.

Stefan Salvatore is generally a good morally sound person with an extremely complex personality, even without the Ripper side.

Liked TVD/TO Pairings Stelena- I like this pairing not because it was the first Romantic pairing of the series, but because it works.

It's like putting Harry Potter and Hermione Granger in a couple.

Having Hayley fall for Elijah makes no sense and just falls the age old theme of Elijah interfering with Klaus' Love Life.

Favorite Vampire Diaries/ Originals Characters Stefan Salvatore- Okay, I'm not really into the whole cliche about liking the first main character to show up in the series just because he was the first.Elena helped Stefan control his heavy blood addiction by giving him her blood a little each day in order for him to gain strength.This pairing worked because of how their good traits naturally complimented the others.Since the beginning of the show, Stefan and Elena had this instant connection.After her parents' death, Elena felt completely lost and dead inside.

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