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There are 3 scenarios of what might happen after the meeting: (1) there’s chemistry, we approach the startup again, keep talking to get more details; (2) the project is OK, we send an email 2 weeks after we return to office – something might come of it; (3) forget it.IS: How does an investor prepare for meetings at conferences? A few times we started talking but we have never made an offer to a project that just landed into our mailbox – yet.We want to provide new technologies to global users.Additionally, we invest in things that we understand.IS: We recently heard about your investment in Livespace, which resulted from a speed dating meeting at info Share 2017. What makes you decide to spend 15 minutes with a specific company?

We work hard to prepare, check who might be interesting for us to meet. In one case the company was just finishing the preparation of material for a financing round when we reached them, so they were happy to meet us.

In effect our meeting resulted in an investment contract signed a few months later.

Events like info Share give solid benefits in the future as long as you meet new people instead of spending the whole time among your own friends.

We are mostly interested in B2B Xaa S solutions but we’re also open to other industries.

Our investment ticket size is EUR 1-4 million, focusing on the upper range.

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