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Proper spelling/grammar, no body compliments or 'ur sexi! One word messages also tend not to be a hit, but sometimes if your pic/profile are phenomenal they CAN pay off.Try and bring up their interests or likes/dislikes, or even just start off with something that will create a conversation like, "In a world where cheese was money, what would take the place of cheese? Some women prefer a simple "what's up" other prefer a paragraph that lets them know you actually read their profile.

1None of the suggestions posted in this thread are guaranteed to work. I am told I look much better in person (okay, my mom adores me) ...even better as you get to know the gentleman that I really (I will open the door for you! But, by the way, I am a Republican and need to know...that a deal breaker?

Cowboy"Do you have a problem with an ankle bracelet?

""You don't live within a 1,000 feet of a school or daycare do you?

Here’s an example – imagine you are an attractive woman (like the type you want to date) and you come across the profiles of two men who are about equally as attractive as one another.

One is “Prince Charming” and the other is “Ahead Of The Pack”.

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