She sometimes seems annoyed by you and considers you more of an obligation than a partner.She seems uncomfortable with any type of public affection and confines touching or kissing to the bedroom. Every time you have a disagreement, no matter how intense, she wants to have sex and forget about it.She does not hesitate to flirt with other guys, even if you are standing right next to her. GO ahead, flirt with women all you want in front of her.

Honestly, this is a great sign, you don’t want those problems on your back.

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Awhile ago, I set up a profile on a dating app to find a guy for a threesome with my boyfriend and I.

Good new for you is that I’ve got solid evidence and proof that you’re just a fuck buddy.

Pay close attention to the following observations and be on the lookout for any of them. She focuses most of her attention on other friends and people that are around or spreads her attention out evenly.

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