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I had just moved to a new city for an internship and found Pam, a friend from home, was living about an hour from me. So, we met once a month at Starbucks halfway between my home and hers and got to talking, growing, and laughing.One Thursday morning, she asked how work was going when I casually mentioned that I had just been to a conference with my co-worker, who happened to be a man.September: Friendships We are currently accepting and publishing submissions on all topics. { been online more than hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. , if all and bloggers made good content as you did, the will be useful than ever before.| I commenting. ” If the answer to the last question was yes, I committed to say no to the job. It’s not worth becoming the target of someone else’s insecurity, if I can help it.As someone who grew up in the home of divorce, it’s entirely worth it. Who wants to read a novel about my boundary-filled, healthy life?

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The speech about boundaries in dating, work relationships, and marriage.

I had no desire for any of the men I worked with, nor did I seek their interest.

The very thought of a romantic relationship with any of them made me feel nauseous.

I would’ve liked to think that I was privy to boundaries.

I didn’t hang out with married men or ask them personal questions about their lives.

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