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A long syllable is slowly pronounced, and occupies twice the time employed in sounding a short one ; as in the a of the English word mediator, or of the Latin word sedare ; and is thus marked, sedare.A common or doubtful syllable may be made long or 1.

This forms a distinct department of study, for which, at some future day, a separate work will be prepared ; and this intended work will also contain the Essay 0:1 Leonine and Macaronic Versification, which was to have ft rmed part, of the present volume, but which has been omit- ted through fear of making the work too large a one.Planning the Party Preparing Your Home Interacting with Guests Following the Party Community Q&A You’re buying a new house, and you want to invite people over to see and celebrate your new home.If this is your first home, you may never have thrown a housewarming party before, and you may be wondering where to begin.PROSODY treats of the Quantity of Syllables, and of the different Species of Verse.A Syllable is composed of one or more Letters ; as, /, in, in-tus.

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