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If the video does not present some kind of story or context, it's hard for me to enjoy the action, especially when said action unfolds over two hours.It seems plays like a surrealistic dream, so a traditional plot is not required. If not, the proceedings will seem mostly artificial to me.

Is there a point where GIMP scenes lose their entertainment value because they are too realistic? I loved seeing Jane tied up and suffering, too, but that was the longest promotion for a single movie we've ever had in the nearly 12 years of this site.I'm giving you guys a chance to speak up and make yourself heard.Is it possible that we have 1000 readers a day who don't have a single thought in their heads and who can't take 5 minutes to share what they think?When it turns from torture to gore, I lose interest. Jane wrote me that they discussed JJ's character talking more in this one, but he noticed that she became even more disconcerted by his not talking.The erotic value disappears for me at the point where the victim is, say, spurting blood from severed arteries. She said she was actually freaked out during the shooting because of this because she really believed this guy was a psycho.

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