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About a month ago I had broken into Amber's dorm apartment.It was not very difficult since he left the windows open (first floor dorm) and I only had to put down the screen.In fact, many times that was my reason for leaving the small pub.She was always very pleasant and would talk about her studies at the university.

Since she was a young girl, she was very naive of the world and as most young people are.Preparing for her Capture Since the seat that I chose was near the back where I can often hear the other girls gossip about all the guys in the pub, I was able to pickup that she would be leaving for her vacation for two weeks starting that Friday.That gave me one day to get everything in order to make this perfect.I learned that she wanted to become an accountant and possibly later on own her own business.However, all I could ever think about was how she would be of so much more use under my control.

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