Flirt with no credit cards

No idea who it was, but decided i no longer wish to find out : PI get those calls all the time over a payday loan that i did take out- they say they gonna bring me up on federal charges but payday loans are not a federal case worst that can happen is being garnished i told them to f*ck them self and im not paying them sh*t he got crazy mad and hung up on me lol We also got incessant calls from the Record- Then I reported it to the Attorney General's office of NJ since this number is registered to the DO NOT CALL list- After that we received one voice solicitation- Then we started receiving the exact same phone calls described on this website: I answered the phone and there is faint noise in the back ground, but no on speaks- * reveals that it is , I called and registered it with the local police dept- The officer told me to dial * in order to flag it in Verizon's system- I encourage you all to do so in order to have it documented Call the next sucker buster because I'm not falling for it- Carla Jones from "Processing & Summons" divison called for me saying she was going to call the HR dept and my immediate supervisor to arrange a meeting What the, she said it was pertaining to the LA District Court serving me- Her phone number is , but when you call that number it switches to Recorded msg stating "We're calling about a letter you recently received via Fed Ex- If you have received the letter, please press to connect to our call center" No other identification given- Area code is from British Columbia- I have not received any Fed Ex letters Standard Jamaican scam - I won , plus a car and only need to send % by western union- The people who will deliver the "package" this afternoon are already in the area and need to see the digit receipt- Once you wire the money and tell him the digit number, poof - no prize and you lost your money- Some will try to call back and get more money out of you Google the number and you will see there are a shitload of Health Care (insurance for medicare of some sush) companies using this number-www-google-com #hlen&sourcehp&q- , bddbeaaf Last fall () they kept calling from , with an automated message for some guy named Marvin- I called them back because I moved got a new cell was just issued my number- I told them there was No Marvin here- They kept asking for my personal information- I got angry and told them to trace me by MY phone number , the one they keep calling They finally did and said they wouldn't call again- It never stopped so I added them to a FREE site I use that lets certain numbers get diverted to a response like my phone is Disconnected- Well I had a few months peace- Today they called for "Marvin" again from , I want to know who to call to sue these a-holes Hey, where have we all been so that they could get our numbers???

That is a rather moronic stance- If you borrow, pay it back- Don't be a deadbeat- People like you cost ME more money everytime I make a purchase and I personally am a bit tired of supporting your deadbeat habits- Pay your bills Just received a call from an unknown name number- When pushed he gave the same number and ask for John- I called the phone company and asked for a trace of the last call - they were unable to assist though This is a disconnected number- Previous residential owner disconnected due to unauthorized publishing of this number in many faux business web directories with a fictitious business name- DO NOT TAKE THIS NUMBER IF ANY CARRIER OFFERS IT TO YOU- You will be inundated with telemarketing calls- Also the number was very close to a number used by Atlanta Legal Aid, so you will get many wrong dialed calls asking for legal aid A man called my company saying "Hi, I'm calling from a publishing company and I don't know exactly why I'm calling (our company name)- Can you tell me what your company does?So far they all seem really nice and they did get my webname "registered" or whatever and have got alot of info from me for the site content- If anyone else has got a web site through them and see's this please respond with your resultsthey are i called them becasue they had houses for sell on the internet and they tried to get my information i gave them my address and name but then they began asking for my credit card information like my middle initial then i asked what company this was and he hung up HAHAHAH frauds This is the main corporate number for DIRECTV-Here are their corporate officers:investor-directv-com corporate-governa , rs default-aspx And here are email addresses that people can send comments to:email (Mike White, CEO)email (Ed Balcerzak, Sr VP, Customer Care)email (Patrick Doyle, EVP & CFO)email (Patrick Doyle, EVP & CFO)email (Bruce Churchhill, EVP)email (Bruce Churchhill, EVP)and a few other folks:email (Ron Hyland, VP customer care)email (Heywot Bitew, Sr Customer Care Analyst)email (their email fraud folks)email (customer mgt?)TD Auto Finance (formerly Chrysler Financial) calling from who knows where but using a local number in the hopes that you will answer and not hit the "eff you" button and google their number like we all did Did you bother to call the collector back?Please call TOLL FREE for IMMEDIATE assistance now at , Before you close this window it is strongly advised that you call now for assistance at , Browser: Fireox IP: , Note: later received identical message, but with , Got a call from "Alice White" with a heavy Indian accent, with the same story as above- Knowing it was a scam I said I was busy and could I have a number to call back- The number she gave me was , I asked where area code was and she said Albany, NY- Area code is in New Jersey- The caller ID just said out of area Keeps calling at all times of day, and even at work, even after being asked to stop several times- If you pick up, its an automated machine- Are they even allowed to do that?I thought a human had to pick up Got messages from this number today: one for being a secret shopper- respond to , one for a gift card, respond to , I'm certain they don't have any response to me replying "stop" except to confirm I'm real- I'm blocking the number hereafterthese clowns are trying to reach a deadbeat brother and have been told repeatedly to not call my number that no one by that name lives here I record their phone numbers, name and date of call- Additionally, I record all phone calls and tell them not to call again or I will consider any further calls harassment and sue them for damages as well as turn them over to the prosecuting attorney Called my cell phone in mid-July, - The male caller asked for me by name even though I did not recognize the number- I heard a bunch of noise in the background and the guy hung up- Never said who he was or where he was calling from- I blocked the number after that Received a message about : this morning from a 'female?

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