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You of course are outraged, because you have received nothing but compliments regarding your fish tie, and your employer never told you about any anti-fish tie policy.So you run to an attorney screaming “wrongful termination.” But what makes the termination “wrongful?When you are employed by someone else, you are subject to an employment contract.This is the first concept many people don’t understand.And there we are, taking away that cherished belief. Imagine that you've been working at a job for a few months, and a much better opportunity at a different company comes along.You accept the new position, and then go into your supervisor's office to give your two weeks notice.

The “implied” terms are those that are a natural part of the contract, even if you never discussed them.” No, there is no statute requiring employers to warn employees prior to terminating them. Here is the simple rule, and it may challenge your fundamental understanding of employment.If there is no agreement to the contrary, an employer does not need any reason to fire you.As with any contract, there are terms to your employment agreement, both express and implied.The employer said you would work eight to five, get an hour off for lunch, have a great dental plan, and would be paid ,500 per month.

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