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She told another friend that he was controlling and prone to angry outbursts.She did a deeper search into his past and learned all the lurid details of the crime he had been convicted of.Most of his activity was posting comments on Davidson's posts. On April 9 he posted that he was looking for an apartment, preferably in southern New Hampshire.He clicked that he liked the Bruins, Patriots and Red Sox. He noted that he graduated from West High School in Manchester, N. Shortly after the couple was engaged, one of Chevalier's aunts posted a congratulatory message saying that she and another aunt hoped to meet his fiance."I think she kept herself listed as engaged because she was afraid of how he'd react," the friend said."Like it would mean he had no chance of getting back together with her." It's impossible to read too deeply into any social media post, and a meme declaring the sentiment "tomorrow is a new day" can just as easily be about a flat tire or a bad day at work as it can be about a bad break up.

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Chevalier changed his relationship status to "single" on Facebook, but Davidson kept her relationship status listed as "engaged" on Facebook.

Davidson's last publicly viewable post on her Facebook page was made just after noon on April 19, just 48 hours before her lifeless body was discovered.

The post contained the results of an online personality quiz that sought to find the respondent's greatest inner strength.

"I'm just not sure how much she knew." At some point between their Feb.

14 engagement and earlier this month, Davidson started to have second thoughts.

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