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The Carlson line of software works on Auto CAD® and comes with Intelli CAD built in.

Carlson GIS includes the ability to utilize higher resolution Google Earth images even over large areas with the use of auto-tiling.

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Carlson GIS supports three methods for attaching additional data to entities: Auto CAD Map, Carlson GIS links and Carlson note files. For example, using the command “Convert GIS Links to Acad Map”, you can convert Carlson-style GIS links to classic Auto CAD-style GIS links.

Be aware, however, that the features in the Map Plus menu require Microsoft® Access 95 or Microsoft® Access 97 formats for the “mdb” file.

If your Carlson-linked data (developed using the GIS pulldown commands) is in Microsoft® Access 2000 format or later, this conversion from Carlson to Auto CAD links will work, but the linked data will only be viewable using the Map pulldown rather than the Map Plus pulldown options such as View/Edit Data.

When using Map links, you have both the standard Auto CAD commands to work with in addition to the GIS 2009 Map Plus commands.

The drawback to Map links is that they require more steps to setup and use.

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