Dream interpretation dating celebrity

So going back to the practice of explaining symbols in your dream as you would to a child from the previous post, do the same thing for the person.Describe their character, their personality, their relationship to you.Dreams that you are a celebrity means your desires and wishes may be beyond your reach at the present moment.To dream that a friend or lover becomes a celebrity suggests your fear of losing the friendship and loyalty of this person.

In these instances, the person is simply them-self, and to dream of them can be a step in the healing process of mourning, grief and loss.

When you dream of attacking Bob, you dream isn’t telling you that you really want to attack Bob (even though in real life you may find him annoying) it is actually revealing what you have in common with Bob, and how you want to silence your own inner critic, your own “inner Bob.” Sex and love dreams can make us feel equally uncomfortable.

But instead of thinking of this as some fantasy to be ashamed of, go through the same process of describing the person and their defining characteristics from your perspective, and then view the sex/love actions in the dream as areas of your own personality you are coming to love, new aspects of yourself you are embracing.

Before we go on and look at some other big themes and common symbols in dreams, I thought it worthwhile clarifying a question that comes up a lot about the people who star in our dreams.

So many people say “I dreamt of this guy/girl at work, I dreamed about an old friend/relative/lover etc. ” Even strangers we barely know, people we have noticed for only a fleeting moment at the shop, on the train, passing by on the street, all can make guest appearances in your nightly imaginings. The first thing to get clear is that dreaming of these people is not wish fulfilment (no you don’t really want to “have sex with/kill/insert other bizzare action” with these people.) Despite the sniggers you may hear when you say “I dreamed about so and so last night” and the reply “yeah? ”, such replies really display a basic lack of knowledge of dreams and what they are all about. These other people haven’t magically popped into your head of their own will – you are imagining them through a dream.

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