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August 20, 2016 Lee Perry teams up with Max Romeo for Max's new album and in a wonderful, stop-motion animation video.

Lewis began writing music with her American friend Pamela Reed, and a chance meeting with Jimmy Cliff led to the two of them joining Cliff as backing vocalists on a tour of West Africa.As I work on the redevelopment of Eternal Thunder, I was amazed to discover that bogus Scratch collections are alive and well in the 21st century.I would have thought that bootleggers would have given up this trickery in the MP3 era and found other ways to rip people off, but guess again!As reported earlier, I've been slowly but surely working on a major overhaul to Eternal Thunder. Also, life and other hobbies often have a way of making sitting in front of a computer chopping out HTML code seem a little dull. There have been some notable Lee Perry releases in the past few months, namely the ambitious .Even a casual Google search finds lots of interesting articles about Scratch as he continues to rave in his 80s.

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