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A5 \om ago as the terrible ex- 'o not lei us forget our comrades either; those who made the ffreat aacrl Ace on land and sea and those ■tngg Ung m the battle of today Let us do ow best aad help them with dollars aad eents, unt U it burta WILLIAM BARTON.

that the ( anadtan National ins Utute Im the uimd win not suffer, but It is unfortunate thot thay should call for help at such a time, already sacred to the whole Dominion and Empire.

one object of the school In drawing up plan« for the pruf SCt is to solve the p-ohlem of keeping hovs In'ereiird In their vhool life during tfi-lr spire tune Dnrmg bad wealhrr for example the onp irlun! Yhis is one *~^ and 9^^*00 An^us Campbell & Co., lid. Tablets run of healtta and wolght-bidld- ing subataneea- -the pmen and soe* ceaaful Und— the tt K thai see a real h^lp to fta U. Try these supremely rfndenr sugar-cnated taateleaa Ublef,« for thirty days— If they dnn '. Ycur rrlatimt and frimdt m U not enjoy ttniflhtng man t Kan • 9^ from you. C SUN DA ^ ()(T()IU:k 27 ]' Ma Sl In Oli Lrk-U to Vlctor U. ma Uai M aiat M ftit A Mntoob vmpt di Mffkto M atonvt Vearly . L-™^ l5o wuarteiiy , 1.50 AU .suoscrlp Uoa ISSSto'ln •dvance' Mall sub- ^i ili.sanrfcablc c-lrcuni- Htaiirp mar the pleasure of J'riinf Mmisler Ram- oay Mac Donald's holiday In ihe United SUlea and Canada. His Hancr ttie Ueuteoanl- Oovernor snd the n QXS^ In con- graiiiiaiiii K all naka ■'*i*nir1 en their K'xfd work CD Arti';f|-\ fr&th Heavy Battery; Oun practice (fi OOl, 381.

h^Ip greatir yrtin- money will be refund M One woman gained ten po urderiit*nd that the Leacher'i funrti'in 1^ iimp Iy to guide — OCPt to sh^ how things must be done; but to help the st^tdenu fuid that out for themsehres and 1^ Ui- dtoala wbere then la room for ihe iwfo e wmin or Mm week dant. W mw mag n»nuawnmn»im, ij cmt n - THROUGH SIXEPING CARS FROM WESTERN CANADA rtmnrrii-ij uii S SPECIAL TRAINS m WINNIPEG M««t MSl Sl MUn U h*1^ BOOX NOW t fw Ih V i H'i WWMft M MW Ctty Tidwt Offloe Ml Omtc Sc. w Ul Ue In the stkmila- (ton of a boy*B natural hnptilse to Rcoo«npn»h something whlsb he un- dertakes on his own inltlauve and 'worries to a conehiston by his own efforu. not CM today A iphutn-t maflen ate |g I9 ctrrgt tir milden nuwl THK DAILY COLONIST. Oervod by Oo Un Ut pa r tfa ttn t r to gin both old •nd new addri M. AU the aaaoclatlons were pleuant aad ft U Um "oon Ttrn Oons" agnntoltt..

" That "alogan" apparently Is destined to remain noth- ing more than a "tfogan" for a long time.

M„ 68th Heavy Battery, Sergeant, CD, L-agt Pretweli. In America there was no Parliament to meet and explain things to. Baldwin, and while the leader of that parly la neither curloti B nor Inqnlaltlve. there ure some of the members of the party who wl U br -urioua about the a Ufced surrender -af-thr Qoteroment to the Soviet, the undoubted sur- to the acltators hi Egypt, the proposed ider to the agitators of India and Ulfi In- Of unemployment at home. ( ' r'hom [ woi 1 l.^ 'r:i n •■ f i-rr f d lo Sth Ki- ' ! Iftio went out and helped to d Ur his grave, made dumb by the depth of hia sorrow? And thousands of others Who felt and acted, and still act, as that young aoldler acted then I trust, nr. MM: Srtk il SK Doe* your mind carry you id the expression on the young soldi«r'a face whan ha r ecovered m the dug- out after the explosion of a tfu U, when all the rest were Ullad? and then stood and stroked the mud- matted hair of his chum as he passed beyond the veil.

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