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Relaxed and funny, listening to this show is like hanging out and laughing with your buddies.Description: The Absolute Peach is an i Tunes featured weekly comedy talk show hosted by Ben Young and Joe Gallagher, now featured on British Airways in flight entertainment!He is also capable of hitting extremely high notes with little difficulty; for example, his cover of "Last Night, Good Night" sung in the song's original key.On his TMBox, he even sang "Last Night, Good Night" 4 keys higher than the original key without sounding strained.

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WATCH this show: Ben and Joe are talking about the latest You Tube sensation: Pen Pineapple Apple Pen, X-Factor, Bear Grylls The Island and Joe's life threatening injury, his bad gum.His first cover, an acoustic arrangement of BUMP OF CHICKEN's "Suimin Jikan", currently has 36K views and 993 Mylists, while his first hit solo cover was "Nisoku Hokou", and currently has 498K views and 9.6K mylists.He is quite active on Twitter and his friendship with various producers and other utaites like Chomaiyo, Lon and Shounen T can be seen visibly, especially with Mafumafu, whom he interacts with mostly and frequently collaborates with.For more information about this show, visit Joe arrives at the studio red in the face, and Ben chastises him for allegedly dodging a barbecue invitation.Plus, for some reason, Ben has been to a Family Fun Day, which leads to an exploration of the nature of fun.

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