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These gases are pushed away from the comet and glow in the sun light, thus giving the comet its tail.

While the outer surface of comets appear to composed of icy material like water and carbon dioxide solids, they likely contain a more rocky nucleus.

As we will see the evolution of life on the Earth has likely been affected by collisions with these space objects, and collisions could affect the Earth in the future as well.

The asteroids are either remnants of a planet that formed in the region between Mars and Jupiter but was later broken up by a collision with another planetary body, or are fragments that failed to accrete into a planet.

Most comets have elliptical orbits which send them to the far outer reaches of the solar system and back toward a closer approach to the sun.

As a comet approaches the sun, solar radiation generates gases from evaporation of the comet's surface.

The Perseid Shower, results from passage through one of these belts every year in mid-August, and Leonid shower occurs in mid-November.

Throughout history there have been reports of stones falling from the sky, but the scientific community did not recognize the extraterrestrial origin of meteorites until the 1700s.

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When these rock fragments come close enough to the Earth to be attracted by its gravity they may fall to the Earth to become part of it.Because of their eccentric orbits, many comets eventually cross the orbit of the Earth.Many meteor showers may be caused by the Earth crossing an orbit of a fragmented comet.If these larger asteroids did in fact undergo differentiation, then this could explain the origin of the different types of meteorites.Because of the shapes of the asteroids it also appears that some of them have undergone fragmentation resulting from collisions with other asteroids.

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