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I did not mind what could be the historical inaccuracy of the Blitz, because the bombing added a layer of drama to the story.

I particularly liked the scene during the party, with Sing, Sing Sing playing in the background.

Max and Marianne's wartime romance in exotic settings turns into a real family, but doubts arise about Marianne's identity.

London during the war as the main setting for two thirds of the movie looked very realistic.

It is a slightly menacing tune and it complemented perfectly the atmosphere of tension, suspicion and slight desperation.

Even if I have never been a Brad Pitt fan, he did a good job playing quiet Max, a man of a few words who sees his new world disintegrating.

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Out of the desert and in London, "Allied" moves into a different territory, albeit still with plenty of style.

While many descriptions of Russia’s stealth influence campaign have stressed the focus on issues rather than candidates, many of the Facebook posts did both, often attacking Mrs. Sanders): While the ads being made public by Congress were just a sampling of the large Russian influence operation, independent researchers in recent weeks have identified and made public a far greater volume of such pages.

Facebook, Twitter and other platforms have shut down the suspect accounts, but it is still possible to retrieve many of the posts and images because they were widely shared across the internet.

Scott Shane is a national security reporter in the Washington bureau.

When David first came to Moscow 10 years ago, he stood out like a sore thumb. On public transportation, other passengers avoided sitting next to him. Many accused him of marrying his wife Natasha for financial reasons.

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