Dating red flags notre dame dating a married woman going through a divorce

Ivanka Trump speaking at the G-20 Summit is strange enough, but in front of the Sun?

A woman clothed with the Sun with Jupiter in the womb of Isis (Paris is the City of Isis) will be delivered Sept 23, 2017. Hardly, Leo represents the Double Crown of Egypt (Greeks called Egypt "Land of the Gypsies").

The US has 25% of the World's Fresh Water (Great Lakes), the world's 2nd largest underground Aquifer (Ogalala), and several Trillion Bbls of Oil in the ANWR, Gulf of Mexico, and Bakken Formation with pipelines already in place.

In addition, the US has nearly inexaustible Coal and Natural Gas in the Green River Formation (WY-UT), much of it under capped Gas Wells. is a 2015 ISIS (read SITE; Israeli Dual citizen Rita Katz produces ISIS videos for the US Army; ISIS head is also Israeli Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is Simon Elliot) propaganda video about the Islamic final battle(Arabic "Malahim") with Christianity and Zionism in Rome.

WWIII is planned to pit forces of political Zionism against Islam to the point of physical, spiritual, economic and moral exhaustion in order for the true doctrine of Lucifer to be accepted by the world. If that's not bad enough, 2 of Italy's largest banks have failed with taxpayer bailouts looming July is named after Julius Caesar, asassinated by his own Senate; Donald Trump plays Julius Caesar in NY Central Park play.

Marilyn Manson, Snoop Dog and Cathy Griffin are all admitted Satanists and all have recent videos killing Donald Trump.

It's no coincidence CERN is vainly attempting to prove the Dark Matter "Force Carrier" called "Black Photon"; all made up Satanic nonsense.

Brussels is not only the center of the 9th Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice ring at Chateau Amerois (Castle of Kings); Brussels also featured a "False Flag" on 3/22.

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Rosicrucian "Father of America" Comte de St Germain said "America was given to be free"; One Nation Under God is not Free, unless that god is Lucifer, the Serpent from the Garden of Eden.Documentary will teach Christians about the Rev 12:1 Sign on Sept 23, 2017 with False teachers Messianic Rabbi (Jesus said call no man Rabbi Mat 23:8) Jonathan Cahn, Paul Begley and the Boise Prophecy Summit Liars.AT&T split off from Bell (Bel=Baal=Lord Satan) Labs; the HQ is 666 N Broadway NYC (Broadway leads to destruction; Narrow way is Jesus). and they shall not escape" The Logo for the event shows arrows above people's heads; Indication of a False Rapture event?didn't think the world was dealing with Canaanites any longer?Esau married Canaanite women and today are the world's Priests (Dew of Heaven), War Makers (Live by the Sword) and Wealthy (Fatness of the Earth) Ref Gen -41KJV. Lending companies use 3X Income guideline to offer Mortgages (Mort=Death Gage=Notes).

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