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Whether at home on your couch, on the bus or at a friend's place - with TWO you'll never miss a like or Match again.Get the free app, register and find your new love with the new TWO Dating App.Their findings showed that established couples definitely still flirt with each other, and do so for qualitatively different reasons than dating couples.For example, the research suggests that married couples use display flirting in order to promote intimacy by creating a "private world" with each other, and that they use it to initiate sex (Frisby & Booth-Butterfield, 2012).The nice thing about flirting is that it is an behavior, which means that people choose to do it.Given its positive correlates, a potential conclusion from this research is that flirting could be an easy intervention, a productive means through which individuals can attempt to improve their relationship quality.The study of flirting has uncovered quite a bit about flirting during courtship, but researchers are only beginning to investigate the goals and outcomes of flirting in established relationships.For example, during relationship initiation, research has shown that flirting is a highly motivated behavior.

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Frisby and Booth-Butterfield (2012) investigated these questions in a study targeting flirtatious communication within married couples.

They considered flirtation's goals in initiation, but also wondered if flirting in an ongoing relationship could be used to create a "private world" with a partner or to maintain the relationship (i.e., keep the relationship strong).

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