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I have absolutely NO idea why I was so attracted to him................. How much would you honestly have in common with them? I have an ex gf who is a stylist and we are on good terms so I would only need to pay for supplies but I think I would rather save up and get some piercings again. The male side of the story is one of two things (or both), he is a pervert or he is going through a mid-life crisis. A man who is 42 and dates a woman who is 22 is in no way shape or form considered a pedophile. Usually it's two different things and until those "things" can be found in the same woman, I'm afraid I'll be single for a very long time. The best combo is a nice tan, blue eyes, salt and pepper hair kept in a short cut on a man in his early to mid 30's.. Its noticable when they first do and even worse as it washes out. So it comes down to two things shallowness of the woman, or a mental disorder steming from the Electra Complex.I just looking for him to hold my hand tightly if it is possible. Most importantly family oriented guy really appreciated. About Me: I am just a simple guy looking for fun and wanna know more abt me u know what to do....... About Guys I Want To Meet: I am hairy top..........looking for young Bottom guys with clean chest..... About Guys I Want To Meet: trustable person :) kindhearted loveable. About Me: A sweet person want to have a guy who can sleep over me whenever he want, kiss me, treat me like his girlfriend also he can fuck me politely if he wants.We can catch up for a coffee.....0D $.post(" About Me: Hi all I m from Delhi woring in mnc as software engineering in Bangalore very fair in color good looking I m looking true friend here I hope I ll get a good friend very soon. Meet me for know me more About Guys I Want To Meet: A guy should be trustworthy, gentle, clean. Also beleive in having some fun alone but will keep all thease things between us.

$.post(" About Me: i m 28 from Delhi a decent guy who loves travelling,movies,and family looking for friends who shares same interest About Guys I Want To Meet: nothing specific but genuine no fakes $.post(" About Me: a fitness freak. looking for similar ppl who r into fitness n sports n share experiences.

And I want to live in different countries and Cities, And Learn Different languages and Culture.

So my goal is to travel as much as I can, And to live in different countries. About Me: I am 39 y, working as executive in MNC in mumbai.........mature, bearded hairy chest guy........looking for young guys.........

I believe in ethics a lot and respect the humanity.

My hobbies are cooking, gardening, running( not from responsibilities, lol), books, movies and get attracted from different cultures and ethos. About Guys I Want To Meet: If there is a match for me, I love to welcome him as the way he is.......would be plus point if he has a dream to visit vivid part of the world, good and bad on earth.

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