Dating expectations too high ten dating show

You refuse to a date a man who isn’t at least 6’0 and you won’t date a man who doesn’t have a chiseled body.

When your deal breakers are superficial, it’s likely that your expectations are too high.

What our experiences were with relationship interactions as a child with our caregivers and siblings C.

Our past relationships It is these experiences that significantly contribute to our subconscious and conscious marital expectations.

We can only change how we cope with, view and interact with another.

Far too often in our relationships we want who we think that person can be, not who that person is.

Ask yourself the following question: Am I better off with or without this person?The reason you may not be able to hold onto a man for a long period of time may be because your expectations are too high.Having too high of expectations can cause all sorts of tension and frustration in a relationship when men who are trying their hardest still can’t please you.They have fantasies of a 50/50 household where the husband and wife share responsibilities, visions of a fulfilled and passionate sex life, thoughts of a best bud to share one’s daily aggravations and joys with and financial stability.Only they discover marriage far too often does not meet up to those beliefs (aka expectations).

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