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This is true even if your children were not in the room, you were quiet, you covered the bruising, or they are too young to understand what was happening.Babies exposed to domestic violence may appear detached and unresponsive to adults.Resources for children who witness domestic violence: Jane Doe, Inc.Effects of Domestic Violence on Children Assistant District Attorneys are unable to represent domestic violence victims during the restraining order process because the order is a civil document.The goal is to break down barriers and encourage victims to disclose. Be Safe, Sensible, Prepared Brochure Abuse, Rape, and Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Safety Plan Women's Law: Staying Safe National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence Safety Planning Related links on sexual assault: Jane Doe, Inc.Abuse, Rape, and Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection: Where to get help If you’re in an abusive relationship and have children, you’re not the only person in the household affected.

Children may experience chronic, elevated levels of tension and stress in an attempt to avoid or control the violence.The groups meet regularly to identify, assess and track high-risk domestic situations.We also work to raise public awareness about domestic violence and inform the community about resources that are available.This aggressive behavior may lead them to fight with siblings and peers.Girls, however, often become passive and withdrawn, tending to suffer from depression.

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