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One example was when Jackson famously double dated Emmanuel and Brooke Shields at the 1984 Grammy Awards, arriving with the young starlet on one arm and the 12 year old boy tucked under the other.

The special friend Jonathan we also know a lot about.

Without the slightest hint of self-consciousness, he hugged, cuddled and generally displayed a considerable amount of affection toward the boy.

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To some on the set, Michael seemed oblivious of everything but his ten-year-old companion.One conclusion could be that he was immature, leading people to believe he was younger than he actually was.You don’t often see twelve year old boys playing patty cake, hence the possible confusion.Asked how she came by that story, Berlin said she was a neighbor of the Jacksons in Encino and that “everybody knew that”, however she conceded it may have been Jackson’s head of security Bill Bray that told her.Other rumors circulated that Jonathan was an orphan.

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