Dating australian bottles

People have been putting messages in bottles for much longer than a century: in 310 BC, Greek philosopher Theophrastus put sealed bottles into the sea as part of an experiment to prove the Mediterranean Sea was formed by the inflowing Atlantic Ocean.Oceanography is a common reason drift bottles are thrown overboard, but there are also some romantic and surprising stories of sending messages across the sea throughout history.

She said she picked up the bottle because she thought "it might look nice on display in my home".Using something once and then throwing it away is not logical, there is no “away”.The bottles that end up in land fill just create piles of toxic waste which then seeps into the soil and our rivers and oceans.I encourage all adults to buy one as you can refill them easily at your workplace. By not buying single use water bottles is a long term behavioural change we can all do easily to help your wallet and especially the planet.The world’s oldest known message in a bottle has been discovered by a couple on a beach in Western Australia.

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