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Holly's take Is it wise or wistfully ignorant for triathletes to couple up?

As one who's "been there, done that" in a variety of scenarios, I feel qualified to add my two cents. Sure, he had a naturally fit physique and the talent to thrive in almost any endeavor.

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Still, I'm gun-shy of the idea of romance with certain triathletes -- the over-the-top Type A's.Yet he was enamored with fast and furious efforts such as ski racing -- endurance was a foreign language to him.He'd go months at a time without so much as breaking a sweat.Relationships are hard enough to navigate but they can hit crisis mode quite easily when they rely on a shared sport, especially when one person suffers an injury, forcing a change in disciplines and challenging life as the couple knew it.Besides the cross-training and fitness benefits gained by pushing yourself to try to keep up with a lover from another sport, dating outside your sport serves to introduce you to new communities.

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