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Up to the early 1960s, residents shopped for fresh meat and vegetables at the Woodbrook Market which was later demolished and replaced by the Woodbrook Government Secondary School.The popularity of its two cinemas, Astor and Roxy, waned after the introduction of television in 1962, and these two landmarks became the sites of other ventures during the 1980s.Night or day, Woodbrook was always busy with free street parking for all events held at the Oval or Little Carib.In addition to its grocery stores, fresh produce shops, cafes, bars, drugstores, eating places, music bands, cinemas, and theatre, many of which are described below, Woodbrook was the original home of Solo soft drinks which were bottled by the Joseph Charles Company in its factory located at the corner of Tragarete Road and White Street."Woodbrook is best known today as being the liming capital of the island.There is little reminder of the old days save the sprawling mass of Lapeyrouse Cemetery and the names of the streets.

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It has 32 streets, with two roads and one avenue that connect it to the other parts of the city.

He married a young local French Creole girl from the Rostant clan. He employed dozens of indentured Indian labourers and retrofitted the ancient factory shell with modern machinery, including vacuum pans for manufacturing crystals.

They also continued to make muscovado sugar or sugar loaves, which were like cones of hardened molasses, wrapped in dried leaves.

These were for the local market, since they were cheap and popular, being essential as "browning" in creole cooking and as a key component of the cuisine of the many Venezuelans who were settling in the city at the point in time.

Speaking of food, Woodbrook was famous for its pepperpot.

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