Consolidating google apps domains

Example uses of this API include creating a custom control panel or integrating G Suite domains into an existing legacy environment.The Admin Settings API implements the Google Data API protocol.The G Suite Admin Settings API allows administrators of G Suite domains to retrieve and change the settings of their domains in the form of Google Data API feeds.These domain settings include many of the features available in the G Suite Admin console.Companies can develop apps that connect Google to internal systems, and ISVs can develop their own tools to interact with Google features such as posts, comments, and circles.

The Google Domains API can also be used to analyze posts and content for sentiment analysis and communication preferences.It provides examples of the basic Admin Settings API interactions using raw XML and HTTP.This document assumes that you understand the general ideas behind the Google Data API protocol, and that you are familiar with the G Suite Admin console.By prepopulating circles, admins can ensure new employees are welcomed into Google with relevant and interesting content by colleagues and leadership.It also makes it easy for employees to send posts to, or start Hangouts with, specific teams.

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