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If it is unlikely you’ll be able to pay back your debts, or if debt collectors are hounding you, request a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney.Even if you decide not to file, the attorney can tell you what a creditor can and cannot do to collect. This completely free tool will break down your credit score into sections and give you a grade for each.Not only can this help you take the emotion out of the situation, but you’ll also have a record if the creditor or collector broke the law in their attempts to collect.Go over your income and expenses with a fine-tooth comb, figure out what you can afford, and only agree to pay a realistic amount.If you need to talk with that representative again, tell them you’d like to record the conversation. If a collector says you’ll be sued, or that you’ll lose property if you don’t pay, just calmly ask for specifics: “When can I expect to be notified of this lawsuit?” Or “When will you take the money from my bank account?

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In addition, you’ll also find credit offers from lenders who may be willing to offer you credit.

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While late payments affect your credit reports and scores, collection accounts can result in even greater damage.

By the way, it’s a myth that as long as you are paying something toward a debt (even or ), it can’t be turned over to a collection agency.

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