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The remaining children immigrated with their parents to America in 1945. Because her father did not have anyone to carry on the "Chung" name, she says, she wanted to give it significance. Now, she says, she is as "American as anybody." But she describes herself as "just Chinese," not Chinese-American. Growing up, she felt the hyphen denoted "half and half," but she doesn't consider herself half and half — both of her parents are Chinese.

CNN CONNIE CHUNG TONIGHT Interview With Neil Bush; Interview With Magic Johnson Aired September 26, 2002 - ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. Tonight: How can a boy be expelled from school for a note he kept in his own bedroom? And he served as a consultant to the Secret Service Safe Schools Initiative. So, in seeing such a letter, you would want to do something.

She chose television journalism in particular because the field was fairly young at the time — 1969."For a small, diminutive-sized Chinese person who grew up in a very loud family and never spoke up in my life, it was dramatic," says Chung, regarding her career decision.

Plowing Through A Tough Industry Chung says that when people gave her a hard time, she never knew if it was because of her young age, her inexperience, her gender or her Chinese heritage.

'Asian-American'In terms of her own upbringing, Chung is the youngest of 10 children.

And she describes having two people anchor a 30-minute network newscast as akin to playing "Patty Cake."Had she not been an anchorwoman, though, she might have missed opportunities to cover major stories, including the Oklahoma City bombing and former President Nixon's funeral. She says her mistake was not giving the evening news her full attention.

At the time, she was also hosting her own magazine program, .

C., then rose to positions at CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN.

She became the first Asian and the second woman to anchor one of America's major network newscasts.

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