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But you have to keep this in your mind no matter what.If you don’t want to make a man chase you because you’re already madly in love with him, then skip the chase.If you really do like a guy who’s pursuing you, then take it easy on him.But if you’re unsure if you like a guy back or wondering if he’s just trying to get into your pants, play hard to get and see if he sticks around. In a general scenario, women should definitely play hard to get.And you’d look like an idiot when you turn around with a flirty smile and see that the guy’s long gone.The intensity of a man’s chase depends on how madly in love he is with you.And the really good part, in this feature I’ll tell you how to make the chase work in your favor and make the guy fall so madly in love with you, it’ll hurt him to even let you go. Men think they hate a chase, but they really don’t!Ever heard men complaining that they hate the chase and they just can’t stand a woman who plays hard to get?

What I’m going to tell you here are the benefits of a chase, and how it can actually help you and better the prospective relationship.The first thing they do is make the girl fall in love with them before they even consider whether they should fall back in love with her.All they care at first is about getting the girl to like them.Well, they probably don’t realize it themselves, but all guys love a good chase.Chasing a wonderful woman who knows how to make a guy chase her is every guy’s dream.

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