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124976-101-Reasons-to-move-to-New-Hampshire You're now chatting with a random stranger.

Did your parents name you after Bruce Lee, by any chance?

You can download it from 'Optional Files' or there.Meaningful connection can result in our feeling positive and hopeful.Please reload or press CTRL F5 key to reload & empty cache.Vertical Orienation - Toggles vertical/horrizontal bar via sliding.Reverse Button Orienation - Toggles button order reversal via sliding Text On Buttons - Toggles chattype abrev on/next to the buttons Show Button Text - Toggles chattype abrev visibility Use Channel ID On Buttons - Toggles using the channel index or the first letter of the channel name Button Message Flashing - Toggles button flashing when you receive a message of that type Show Bar Border - Toggles show/hide the bar border/background.

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