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The so-called "Lower Mainland," dominated by metropolitan Vancouver, contains over 60 per cent of the province's population and is its commercial, cultural and industrial centre.

A slightly broader region, sometimes called the “Georgia Strait” region, includes Victoria and the southeast coast of Vancouver Island; this area holds approximately 20 per cent of the population.

The Rocky Mountains rise abruptly about 1,000–1,500 m above the foothills of Alberta, and some of their snow- and ice-covered peaks tower more than 3,000 m above sea level; the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, Mount Robson, west of Jasper, AB, is 3,954 m.The fourth range of the group, the Cariboo Mountains northwest of the Thompson River, is composed of sedimentary rocks of Proterozoic age which appear to have fewer mineral deposits.The Interior Plateau, made up of broad and gently rolling uplands, covers central British Columbia.British Columbia is a land of diversity and contrast within small areas.Coastal landscapes, characterized by high, snow-covered mountains rising above narrow fjords and inlets, contrast with the broad forested upland of the central interior and the plains of the northeast.

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