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The Cartier Tank is unlike most luxury watches on the market.It is offered in a vast selection of styles and movements that enable it to be proffered at various price points capable of meeting almost every budget.Although there are many watchmakers that hung their shingle centuries ago, there are few that have continued to produce the same model for such a lengthy period.Louis Cartier designed the original Tank in the year 1917 as a gift for General John Pershing of the American Expeditionary Force two years before it hit the public marketplace.In 1972, a group of investors installed Alain Perrin as CEO, giving the company a chance regain its lost ground.During this time, the company developed and used the famous "Le Must de Cartier" line.It is difficult to think of a watchmaker who has a history dating back to 1847.When it comes to luxury wristwatches few rival Cartier watches and for good reason.

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Cartier has managed to create one of the finest timepieces in history and arguably, one of the most iconic.Cartier stayed within the Cartier family for years.1899, Louis Cartier joined the family firm and brought a love of mechanical pocket watches.Cartier did not stop with simple wrist watch designs.Rather, the most expensive Cartier watch to sell is the Cartier Phoenix Décor Secret Watch.

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