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There was perhaps an as yet unidentified native Etruscan word for the vase that pre-empted the adoption of amphora.

, Bennett's AMPHORA, which has a number of scribal variants.

At a breakage site in Rome, Testaccio, close to the Tiber, the fragments, later wetted with Calcium hydroxide (Calce viva), remained to create a hill now named Monte Testaccio, 45 m (148 ft) high and more than 1 kilometre in circumference.

Amphora is a Greco-Roman word developed in ancient Greek during the Bronze Age.

Neck amphorae were commonly used in the early history of ancient Greece, but were gradually replaced by the one-piece type from around the 7th century BC onward.

Most were produced with a pointed base to allow upright storage by embedding in soft ground, such as sand.

The necks of pithoi are wide for scooping or bucket access. The size may require two or three handlers to lift.

Amphorae are of great use to maritime archaeologists, as they often indicate the age of a shipwreck and the geographic origin of the cargo.In all, approximately 66 distinct types of amphora have been identified.Further, the term also stands for an ancient Roman unit of measurement for liquids.Below: Panathenaic prize amphora in the black-figure style, showing the goddess Athena An amphora (Greek: ἀμφορεύς, amphoréus; English plural: amphorae or amphoras) is a type of container of a characteristic shape and size, descending from at least as early as the Neolithic Period.Amphorae were used in vast numbers for the transport and storage of various products, both liquid and dry, but mostly for wine.

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