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This year, let’s not complicate what could be made easy.

To keep track of your finances, turn to an app or two for help. These are 18 apps that should do the trick: By My Domaine“To get my finances in check, I didn't turn to a financial adviser but the next best thing: apps.

Sure, there are mobile spreadsheet apps, but pinching 100 different cells ain’t my cup of tea.

If handwritten notes and lists are where you’re most effective, having a hand-recorded budget might be a good option for you.

If you've lost control of your spending, sometimes forget to pay your bills, or just want to update the way you manage your money, read on.

I love the creamy lemonade filling mixed with the tart strawberries. Autumn may be on its way, but there is still time for some delicious tastes of summer. (it can be ice cream season all year long as far as I’m concerned! Lemonade, lemon meringue, lemon bars, lemon in my tea, you get the idea.

What is it about tracking expenses (and thus, actually a budget) that’s so hard?

Why do we all continually struggle with it or, better yet, avoid it all together?

And we're not talking about Siri serving up investment advice, although she can help you make Venmo payments.

Instead, we're referring to the many apps and chatbots that sync with your bank accounts and credit cards, to give you total control straight from your homescreen.

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