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However, his family liking you is not as important as him liking you.As nice as the family is towards you, you cannot officially join his family until he invites you into it through a committed relationship, usually marriage.In dating, it is not beneficial to be exclusive to someone who obviously is not exclusive to you.I would not recommend putting all of your hopes into this one guy who is dating other women and seems to have no immediate plans to be with only you.

Exclusivity in a relationship should be mutual, not one-sided.

You should have a full, productive life without him. Do his actions show that you are important to him and are a priority to him? Is he saying “I love you”, “you’re so special to me”, or “you’re the only girl for me” yet his actions show differently? Based on what you have relayed in your question, I do not see the actions of a committed man.

A girl busy with her own life communicates that I am not “second choice- last-minute- take her for granted -old-standby” material. The guy who is really into you will show it through action.

Or do you give him everything regardless of the way he treats you?

Though being willing to do anything for is a loving thing to do, he must show himself deserving of this level of affection.

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