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Since then, OKCupid threesomes have been a regular part of my life, and not just my sex life; if you come to a gathering at my house and ask me how I know my friends — any given friend — I will probably hesitate and stall and eventually lie, because the chances are, this is how we met. “I just occasionally make exceptions.” “I like girls in all shapes and sizes,” said Colleen (25, Bronx).

She’s one of my closest friends now; first we dated, then she dated me and my boyfriend, then she went back to dating just me. “But what if they think we’re just a couple of fake bisexual girls?

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earlier this month, mark the first time I, a bisexual woman, have seen explicit representation in any form of media.Generally you can’t tell whether a bisexual woman on OKCupid is a unicorn unless she messages you privately to tell you so.My first OKCupid threesome was five years ago, and I initiated it myself, messaging one of the less noxious couple profiles on the site. “I identify as gay, actually,” said Angie (25, Westchester), who dated me and my boyfriend, and then just my boyfriend, and has only dated boys since then.Most crop out their faces in their photographs, or include no photographs at all, and describe themselves in the same vague terms: “fun,” “hot,” “sexy,” “attractive,” “fit,” “professional.” They never use the word “queer.” Indeed, it is only on couple profiles that you’ll ever encounter the peculiar phrase “very bi,” which is always synonymous with “horny,” as in: “” — usplusyou, 28, Astoria These couples are convinced that what they want is naughty, not nice, and as a result their profiles are suffused with shame.They’re paranoid about safety and hygiene on a level that seems beyond the usual STI worries (“”).

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