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At the moment (2018) he is freelancing as a font-engineer on Arabic libre font projects for Google-Fonts.

[ Letterpunch, Kelvin Ma's web site, makes a strong and convincing case for font freedom and open source fonts.

In 2010 it was selected as the default User Interface font for GNOME 3. He did not like certain spacing decisions in Menlo, and so decided to make Meslo LG, where LG stands for Line Gap.

Petra Sans (2017) is a further development of Cantarell by Cristiano Sobral. The free family, made in 2009-2010, consists of these styles: Meslo LGL-Bold, Meslo LGL-Bold Italic, Meslo LGL-Italic, Meslo LGL, Meslo LGM-Bold, Meslo LGM-Bold Italic, Meslo LGM-Italic, Meslo LGM, Meslo LGS-Bold, Meslo LGS-Bold Italic, Meslo LGS-Italic, Meslo LGS. 1986) of Tal (2014), a full set of numerals in many weights for use on small devices.

Arev Sans is quite readable for presentations, with large x-height, "open letters," wide spacing, and thick stems.

The style is very similar to the Sli Te X font lcmss, but heavier.

He showcases this by making his free superfamily Graphicore Bitmap Font. Speaker at ATyp I 2016 in Warsaw on Introducing Metapolator.

Metapolator is a web-based parametric font editor developed by Simon Egli, Lasse Fister, Reuben Thomas and Ben Martin.

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Lasse is the lead developer of Metapolator, ufo JS and Atem.

My design philosophy centers around the parameterisation and automation of design to improve the design process, and some of my old ideas are published at

He is a proponent of open source code and of free fonts, and involves himself with dedication in the Open Font Library project.

At Behance, Kelvin Ma is Kelvin Song from Riverhead, NY.

American creator in Long Island of Wumbology (2012, sans family), Compass (2012, sans), Maritime Sans (2012), Bam It's Andrea (2012, hand-printed), The Blurry Effect (2012, hand-printed), Maritime Tropical (2012, clean hand-printing), AFE Jen's Handwriting (2012), Pineapples don't have sleeves (2012), Schmitacular (2012, hand-printed), Cassini (2012, a fat finger font) and Cassini Marker (2012).

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