Bad dating profile

Or maybe she was using Google Translate, which isn't really known for being a particularly good translator. The same if you are into the drugs or necro- whatever it is scarry man." Wow, just wow.

episode that is pure genius, you better get on Netflix and watch that after you're done reading this.) But, plot twist, he was none of the above.

The statement of "you are being a creep for messaging me in the first place when I obviously dont want your sort contacting me" is really confusing.

In all honesty, I would rather go out with someone who made an honest mistake – well, mistake at least – than someone who's most private thing is that they enjoy eating human brains; yeah, I'm looking at you, Hannibal Lecter.They use the word "retarded," which, as you probably know, is a derogatory word that should never be used under any circumstance never, ever.Yet, this person decided it was appropriate for their dating profile.Or, you know, someone who is voting for Donald Trump. I would rather go out with a dumb**s than with a Trump supporter; although, often, they go hand in hand. I don't know if I even want to know the answer to that. " A profile from someone who uses the screen name farmer20514927 on a website called Farmers Only, that starts with a "hay girl" is nothing short of genius.One might think that, with that incredibly detailed and narrow profile, this 18-year-old would certainly know her stuff and what exactly she's looking for. In fact, that should be enough to tell you everything you need to know about this person, yet she chose to continue sharing everything about her wonderful and not-at-all-materialistic personality. She wants a rich guy who can travel, has a nice car and can give her a bigger closet and take her shopping, but materialistic individuals disgust her. Hey, newsflash, bad grammar is a turn off for a lot of people, including those who might be reading your profile and laughing out loud. First of all, you can't judge a woman by their lady parts – I can't believe I actually had to type that. As I hope that this profile is nothing but a joke, I'm gonna analyze it exactly like that.

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