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NATIVE AMERICANS ASSASSINATIONS LATIN AMERICAN RELATIONS. The highway ran through three states, including Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. 2- Monroe Doctrine - In a speech before Congress, James Monroe announces the Monroe Doctrine, stating the policy that European intervention anyplace is the Americas is opposed and that he would establish American neutrality in future European wars.

CIVIL RIGHTS, WOMEN AND SOCIAL LEGISLATION WORLD WAR ONE. 1806- The National Road, also known as the Great National Pike or the Cumberland Road, the first federally funded highway that ran between Cumberland, Maryland to Ohio, was approved by President Thomas Jefferson on March 29, 1806, with the signing of legislation and appropriation of ,000.

His Texas army would capture San Antonio on December 9.

On November 2-4, 1835 - Texas proclaimed the right to secede from Mexico with Sam Houston taking command of the Texas army.

On March 2, 1836, Texas independence was declared at a convention of delegates from fifty-seven Texas communities at Washington-on-the-Brazos, making them an independent nation free from Mexican rule.

1842-May 16- The first organized wagon train on the Oregon Trail leaves with more than one hundred pioneers from Elm Grove, Missouri. President Polk invokes the concept of Manifest Destiny, announcing to Congress that the Monroe Doctrine should be strictly enforced and that the setlement of the West should be aggressively pursued.

1835-October 2- The Revolution of Texas begins with the Battle of Gonzales when Mexican soldiers try to disarm the people of Gonzales, but are resisted by local militia.

RELATIONS BETWEEN CROWN AND COLONIES WAR OF INDEPENDENCE. POLITICAL PARTIES THE WAR OF 1812, STATE-FEDERAL RELATIONS. 19th century - Residual resistance by indigenous people crushed as immigration from Europe assumes mass proportions, with settlers moving westwards and claiming "manifest destiny" to control North America; number of states in the union rises from 17 to 45.

1848-January 24- Gold was discovered in California by James W. Seven months later, on August 19, the New York Herald breaks the news of the gold rush to East Coast readers, prompting eighty thousand prospectors to flood California and the Barbary Coast of San Francisco in 1849.This legislation allows slavery in the Missouri territory, but not in any other location west of the Misssissippi River that was north of 36 degrees 30 minutes latitude, the current southern line of the state of Missouri.The state of Missouri would be admitted to the Union, under this compromise, on August 10, 18.1898 - US gains Puerto Rico, Guam, the Philippines and Cuba following the Spanish-American war. 1901- March 2 - The Platt amendment is passed by the United States Congress, which limited the autonomy of Cuba as a condition for American troop withdrawal. 1807- Congress passes an act that prohibits the importation of slaves into any port within the confines of the United States from any foreign land.1808 - Atlantic slave trade abolished -Presidency of James Monroe (1817-25) 1820- March 3- The Missouri Compromise bill, sponsored by Henry Clay, is passed in the United States Congress.

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