As we go along, we’ll be making any necessary changes to the project as we left it last week; you can download that here.

Editorially, I’ll say that I don’t think that this is a high point in AAPL’s documentation — especially since the guidelines/second checklist are on a page headed with this text: Important: If you need only minimal support for running under multitasking, and do not actually need to perform tasks while in the background, you do not need to read this chapter.This means that there is no way to get your user’s time zone using a server side scripting language like PHP.IP address geocoding: Another method that people have used to address this problem is to geocode your visitors IP address.Even though Demine is not going to be doing any background processing, it turns out that a multitasking environment mandates certain changes to the program, as we shall soon see.AAPL provides two checklists for developers who wish to support multitasking.

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