Asus updating ata firmware

in the zip file their is a pdf that will explain every thing and how to do - RAIDR EXPRESS Firmware Update - you will find this on the support page - I'm following the directions in the pdf with the firmware update but when I restart my pc and boot with USB and run fdos I can't continue the directions because Drive C isn't detected. Anyone know how to fix this or another way to install firmware? Hopefully, you haven’t thrown out all your old routers, but before you begin, it’s a good idea to make sure they work (oh, and do you still have the right power supply for them? Connect to your router over a wired or wireless connection. If that doesn’t work, try typing in your router’s IP address (usually Log into your router using your administrator credentials.

In any case, it makes sense to have a backup router handy.Click the firmware version to go to the firmware update screen, or go to Advanced Settings then Administration then Firmware Upgrade.The Firmware Upgrade screen will tell you if there is new firmware available and will give you the changelog, too. Your router will install the firmware update and reboot, so warn your wife if she’s watching Netflix at that exact moment.If a firmware update fails for any reason (power goes out during an upgrade, firmware file was corrupted, etc.), some models (like the RT-AC3200) will go into emergency mode.When this happens, you can use the Firmware Restoration utility on the CD to make a system recovery. Also, note that there is a signature version that can be checked on the Firmware Update page.

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