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GLBT people are employed in a variety of occupations.Advisors who choose not to discuss certain careers because of the student's sexual orientation should challenge their beliefs.Here are five steps you can take now so you'll have peace of mind knowing that whoever lives on will be secure Gay rights have come a long way, but in many states, such as Virginia, gays and lesbians face challenges when their relationships end.Learn about the issues from someone who has lived the experience Learn more about gays and lesbians across the country who are taking advantage of the benefits of same-sex rights legislation in the United States.Others may say, True, we may not need to know a student's sexual orientation to be a good advisor, but there are times when issues of sexual orientation arise.This can occur when advisors seek to connect with students in a holistic way i.e., when they seek to know more about students than their course schedules.Because we are exposed to socialization beliefs and stereotypes, some advisors and students may explore only majors related to sexual orientation stereotypes.

' can garner the same information, while allowing for the possibility that the student may not be heterosexual.Some who do not identify as either male or female prefer the term “genderqueer.” While it is important to understand that sexual orientation and gender identity are not the same thing, they do both reflect differing forms of gender norm transgression and share an intertwined social and political history.The emotional toll of a death or terminal illness doesn't have to be compounded by financial burdens.Learn how to ask out a crush, attract someone of the same gender, figure out if your crush likes you back, be a great partner, and much more!Editor's Note: The following article is drawn from the presentation 'Colors of the Rainbow,' given by Brandy Smith at the 2006 NACADA Region 3 Conference in Nashville, TN.

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