Are sammi and ronnie really dating

"You have to ask her that — I’m not gonna speak for her.

But Sammi is just in such a happy place that I feel like she doesn’t want to jump back into that drama if it does happen.

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The Jersey Shore gang are currently near the end of filming the third season of the show back in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.Ronnie from "Jersey Shore" allegedly got into a physical confrontation with his baby mama ... Ronnie's baby mama, Jen Harley, took to Instagram Live on Monday and posted this video showing Ronnie in a heated argument with Jen in the upstairs part of someone's house.A second woman is seen downstairs trying to get Ron to chill out before all hell breaks loose.‘I was looking at pics from senior year – I was 89lb (just over six stone) ripped, I had the abs, everything.And then after I turned 19, I started partying and I ruined it all.

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