All or nothing dating

The more we polarize our thinking the more likely we are to become depressed because extreme either/or thinking stimulates the emotions much more. From this, you would expect that people prone to depression also get much 'higher' when positively excited.And indeed this is true, research shows that people who suffer from depression often need less stimulation to get really 'up'.There is no time for 'maybe this', or 'maybe that'.Either decision will create an emotional reaction to allow us to fight or flee to the maximum of our ability.However, we all talk like this at times, particularly when excited or angry.To look at how we can begin to incorporate the "gray", take for example a child failing a math exam.

' or they could say: ' I'm bad at math but I'm pretty good at English' (or sport, art, making people laugh or whatever it happens to be).

For less depression, it's not more happiness we need, it's more calmness.

As an ongoing way of perceiving reality, All or Nothing thinking is emotionally and physically damaging.

Earlier in the Depression Learning Path, we talked about the importance of tolerating uncertainty when looking to overcome depression. In a survival situation, there is no room for uncertainty, we simply have to decide to either run away or fight.

Uncertainty causes hesitation, which would increase our chances of being killed.

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