Ali macgraw ryan o neal dating

“Sometimes I have to go far, far down inside myself to make it as real as possible.

And I’m left exhausted.” For her part, Mac Graw suggested that while she certainly has ways of delving into her own experiences in the service of the story, she’s not about to reveal them.

I think when our world is just that, it’s a very electrical feeling.

And despite the fact that they came to the project with almost zero stage experience, they’ve been relishing every minute of the tour.

“It’s the most comfortable part of our day, when we’re on stage,” O’Neal said from his home in Malibu, Calif., while Mac Graw listened in from Santa Fe, N. And she agreed: “I just am really comfortable in this whole situation, and that’s never happened for one minute before, so it’s really intriguing.” Following their star-making turn in “Love Story,” neither Mac Graw nor O’Neal has had a particularly comfortable experience in Hollywood.

Asked whether his own personal experiences sometimes rise to the surface during performances, O’Neal at first deflected the question before admitting that those experiences play an important role in his performance.

“I don’t think we want to talk about that, not in my case,” he said.

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